Friday, February 20, 2009

The Most Advanced Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Obesity is defined as the deposit of excess fat in the body. It is caused by the intake of greater amounts of food that can be utilized by the body for energy. The excess food, whether fats, carbohydrates or proteins, is then stored as fat in the adipose tissue to be used later for energy.

When greater quantities of energy in form of food enter the body than are expended, the body weight increases. Therefore, obesity is obviously caused by an excess energy input over energy output. For each 9.3 calories of excess energy entering the body 1 gram of fat is stored.

Excess energy input occurs only during the developing phase of obesity, and once a person has become obese all that is required to remain obese is that the energy input equals the energy output. For the person to reduce weight, the input must be less than the output.

About one third of the energy used each day by the normal person goes into muscular activity and in the laborer as much as two thirds or occasionally three-fourths is used in this way. Since muscular activity is by far the most important means by which energy is expended in the body, it is frequently said that obesity results from too high a ratio of food intake to daily exercise.

It is a known fact that the rate of feeding is normally regulated in proportion to the nutrients store in the body. When these stores begin to reach an optimal level in a normal person, feeding is automatically reduced to prevent over storage. However, in many obese persons this is not true; for feeding does not slacken until body weight is far above normal. Therefore, in effect, obesity is often caused by an abnormality of the feeding regulatory mechanism.

Diet Plan for Weight Loss

To lose weight you need to turn your body into fat burning machine. You need a well planned diet designed by an expert or nutritionist. This diet should contain some of your favorite foods so that the diet may be followed for long term.

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