Friday, May 21, 2010

Foods to Avoid Arthritis - Good Eating Habit Prevent Arthritis

People who suffer from the problem of arthritis must know the food items; which food must be taken and which food must be avoided in the condition of arthritis. The most important and the prominent features of arthritis are inflammation and the pain. So it is very important for the sufferer to consume the food only which will help the sufferer in alleviating the inflammation and the pain otherwise the condition of the arthritis will worsen. There are foods which must be avoided in the condition of arthritis.

If some one is suffering from arthritis then the food which will harm him or her in the condition of arthritis must be avoided. You have to forgo your favorite food also but it is very necessary to get relieve from the pain.

1. It is very important in the condition of the arthritis to maintain low calcium to phosphate ratio. The problem of arthritis is aggravated if the content of phosphorus is high as due to it more calcium will be lost from the body. So you must avoid the foods which are rich in phosphorus like red meat, organ meat like kidney, liver, soft drinks and also the processed meat.

2. Caffeine is also not good for the patient of arthritis. So caffeine must also be avoided if any one is suffering from the problem of arthritis. Intake of caffeine result into the loss of vital minerals and vitamins from the body. If it is possible then try to avoid decaffeinated drink also. All the decaffeinated drink also contains caffeine so it must be avoided to reduce the symptom of arthritis.

3. When any one is suffering from arthritis then he or she must also avoid fried food as well as vegetable oil. Consumption of vegetable oil worsens the condition of arthritis as it contain omega 6. You must also avoid margarine.

4. People suffering from arthritis must avoid the intake of arthritis as it does not absorb nutrients and calcium. Consumption of soft drinks must also be avoided as it contains sugar in huge amount. Soft drinks must also be avoided for the reason that it contains phosphorus in high percent and phosphorus is harmful for the patient of arthritis.

5. Besides the intake of sugar the excess amount of salt must also be avoided to increase the absorption of calcium.

6. In any condition the consumption of alcohol must be strictly prohibited as it hampers calcium absorption in the body.

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Saturday, May 8, 2010

High Blood Pressure Symptoms, Causes and Effective Herbal Remedies

High blood pressure is famous by the name of silent killer. In the modern era maximum people suffer from the problem of high blood pressure. Blood pressure is the result of the force which is exerted by the heart while pumping the blood to the large arteries. Blood is circulating in our body by maintain a fixed level of pressure. But when this pressure is increased it gives rise to hypertension. The pressure of the blood becomes high due to the narrowing of the small blood vessels. Due to the narrowing of the small blood vessels known as capillaries heart feels more stress to pump the blood throughout the body and it results into high blood pressure.

Commonly the high blood pressure is caused due to faulty style of living, excessive intake intoxicants and smoking. Natural pace of life is destroyed by continuous intake of tea, coffee, refined, and cola drinks. Hypertension or high blood pressure is also caused due to obesity, hardening of arteries and severe constipation. Excessive intake of pain killers, food allergies, eating high fat, table salt, processed foods and fewer intakes of essential nutrients may also contribute to the cause of high blood pressure.

There may be no symptoms of mild and moderate hypertension for many years. But the patient may suffer from some symptom like pain in the back of the head and neck while walking in the morning. This pain disappears very soon. Patient may suffer from aches and pains in the arms, leg and back and in the shoulder region, suffer from palpitation, frequent urination, nose bleeding, fatigue and nervous tension, pain in the heart region, tiredness and emotional upsets.

Some herbs can be used to cure high blood pressure. These herbal remedies are effective and don't have any side effects.

You can use garlic to cure high blood pressure. It is an important herb for high blood pressure. Garlic has the ability to high the low blood pressure and also to lower the high blood pressure. It acts as a blood pressure balancer. You must use fresh, quality and also ideally organic garlic.

Next to garlic, the best herb for the treatment of high blood pressure is Cayenne. If you want to get the best result then the pepper must be hot. It helps in circulating the blood properly.

Red clover is also very helpful in the treatment of high blood pressure. It is a best herb for thinning of the blood.

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Cold Relief through Herbal Treatment and Natural Remedies

Usually the colds are caused by rhinoviruses which are invisible droplets on the things we touch and in the air we breathe. Due to cold people suffers from the problem of breathing through the nose. Different types of rhinoviruses infiltrate the protective lining of the nose and throat. It triggers an immune system reaction which causes headache and throat sore. Usually the smokers are at great risk of the attack of cold and their symptoms will be worse and it will last longer. The condition becomes so worse that it may lead to bronchitis or even it may cause pneumonia. When the symptoms appear, initially in 2-4 days colds are most contagious at this stage and even this may continue in this stage for up to 3 weeks. It may spread from person to person contact or by breathing in virus particles which are spread through the air by sneezing or coughing.

The first symptoms of the cold are runny nose, stuffy nose, sneezing and often a tickle in the throat. Even kids also come in worse condition after the attack of cold. They also suffer from a sore throat, cough, headache, mild fever, loss of appetite, fatigue and muscle aches. Initially the nasal discharge may be watery and after some time it may change to thick yellow or green.

The problem of cold may be cure by different types of treatments. Herbal remedy suits best for the treatment of the cold.

Cold tea is the best herbal remedy for the treatment of cold. You can combine equal parts of peppermint, yarrow, elder (Sambucus nigra) and 1-2 tsp of the mixture in 1 cup hot water. Take this solution hot just before going to bed. It will induce sweat. Intake of this tea will help to reduce achiness, congestion, inflammation and body fever. It may also be taken with a pinch of mixed spice and a little honey to soothe a painful throat.

Other beneficial herbs are which may be added to the infusion -

Ginger (Zingiber officinalis) - Take a small piece of fresh root ginger into any mixture. It will provide extra heat.

Cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum) - It can be used as a cinnamom stick and also break it into the different mixture of herbs. It will provide gentle, warming and also sweat-inducing effect.

Cayenne (Capsicum minimum) - It is an Indian remedy which is favorite for North Americans. It can be taken one-forth tsp or 1.25 ml of the powder regularly. It stimulates the circulation and thus reduces the problem of cold.

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Do You Know Natural Asthma Treatment and Remedies?

Person suffering from asthma finds it difficult to breathe. It is a problem or disease of lungs. In asthma the channel connected to the lungs get inflamed. The passage becomes narrow and the person finds difficult to breathe. Mucus is also produced which makes the person more difficult to breathe. If anyone suffers from asthma demands immediate medical help as he or she after the attack of asthma faces a great problem while breathing. If immediate medical help is not given to the victim then there might be a fatal condition.

Though there are no definite causes of asthma but it may be due to faulty genes or influence of the environment. If both the factors combine together then the condition becomes more serious. Apart from this cause asthma may also be the result of various allergic diseases like hay fever or eczema. When the person is affected the breathing tubes are inflamed and narrowed down causing difficulty in breathing. The infected person becomes more allergic to chemical irritants, smoking, house dust etc. the condition aggravates if the person is suffering from emotional depression. So any person suffering from asthma must be careful about the allergies including the surroundings.

Some of the major symptoms of asthma are feeling tightness in the chest, difficulty in breathing and also the constant coughing. These are the symptoms which may vary according to the severity of the attack. But in severe cases immediate medical attention is necessary. Asthma is also caused by active or passive smoking.

Natural asthma treatments are there which must be followed strictly:

Arachidonic acid is a fat that causes inflammation in the body which also results in causing asthma. It is found on meat, egg yolks and shellfish. So intake of these foods should be avoided to prevent asthma as well as lessen its symptoms also. Either reduce its intake or increase the intake of beneficial fatty acids which are found in fish oil capsules, evening primrose oil and also in the borage.

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables are very effective for the treatment of the asthma naturally. Especially the fruits and vegetables like carrot, tomatoes, apples and leafy vegetables are very fruitful and protect us from asthma.

Some herbs are also very effective in the treatment of asthma. An herb known as 'Butterbur' contains some chemicals which help in reducing the smooth muscle spasms and also it is having anti- inflammatory quality which reduces the asthma. It is a perennial shrub found in Asia, North America and Europe.

Yoga and exercises are also very helpful in the treatment of asthma.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Natural Healing Herbs - 8 Useful Herbs with Amazing Therapeutic Properties

The healing power of the herbs was not considered to be effective enough by the medical personnel in treating various diseases even few decades back. But the advanced scientific researches duly supported by statistics have come out with amazing results regarding the healing power of the herbs. Herbs cure the root cause of the disease, improves the body immunity system involving lesser cost and almost without any side effects. From the commonly used kitchen-garden herbs to the rare species; every herb is singular in their healing properties.

Few are the names of the commonly available herbs having wondrous therapeutic power.

1. Basil, the commonly available herb generally used for culinary purpose improves appetite and reduces fatigue. This herb from the mint family acts as carminative aiding in digestion. It is also used as an aphrodisiac and treating depression.

2. Cinnamon widely used as spice, is used in treating a number of diseases starting from indigestion to diabetes. Regular intake of cinnamon powder reduces blood sugar level to a great extent. It is also helpful in treating Candida yeast infection.

3. Clove is another common herb used as spice in various dishes. Clove oil is beneficial in treating bacterial and fungal infections, a good pain killer in reducing toothache and treating other gum diseases.

4. Garlic one of the most inexpensive herbs must be used liberally either in dishes or eaten raw. It helps in reducing blood cholesterol and high blood pressure as it helps as blood thinner. It is also used in treating various viral and fungal infections.

5. Neem is the native of India and its oil is rich in Vitamin E and has essential fatty acids. So it is used to treat a various number of skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis, scabies, acne, ordinary scars and athletes foot.

6. Tea tree oil is used in a number of antibacterial treatments. Treating Candida yeast infections, herpes, abscess and boils tea tree oil finds extensive use. Moreover it helps in boosting the immunity system of the body.

7. Cedar wood oil is used for treating skin problems and reducing respiratory complaints. It reduces itching and treats severe skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema.

8. Aloe Vera is rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and essential acids. Apart from skin tonic it helps in digestion, treats chronic ulcers and good for kidney, gall bladder.

There are numerous such herbs with their unique healing properties. Those under medication of chronic diseases must be cautious enough while taking the herbal concoctions or supplements as these may interfere with some drugs. In that case it is advisable to consult an expert before starting herbal therapy.

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Natural Cures for Varicose Veins, Causes and Herbal Remedies

Varicose veins are visible just beneath the skin as they are situated quite under the surface of the skin. Usually they are swollen and twisted veins. The size of the veins varies in size. Some are quite small and some are very large. Very small veins are situated in between the layers of the skin and they are not easily visible. They are also known as "thread veins" or "spider veins". These veins are different from the varicose veins and are very difficult to treat. Varicose veins are situated just beneath the skin and they are visible easily. They are also known as "reticular veins". As varicose veins bulge the skin slightly we can see it from outside of the skin.

Some of the important causes of the varicose veins are:

1. Due to overweight pressure increases on the veins

2. Habit of standing or sitting for a long time puts pressure on the veins as it restricts the circulation

3. Hormonal changes during menopause and pregnancy

4. Aging

5. Hereditary

6. Chronic constipation

For some people varicose veins may be a matter of just cosmetic concern. But in some people they can cause aching, heaviness or pain or it may be a sign of some circulatory problem or heart disease. It may cause some serious complication if it is left untreated. It may result into blood clots, skin ulcers and inflammation in the veins.

Some natural remedies are there for the treatment of varicose veins.

1. One of the best natural remedy for the treatment of varicose veins is the herb horse chestnut. For the treatment of varicose veins and its related condition chronic venous insufficiency, this herb is widely used. It is having an active constituent called aescin which blocks the release of the enzyme that contributes in the damage of capillary walls. But it is little bit unsafe also especially the whole horse chestnut. It may cause vomiting, nausea, headache, convulsion, respiratory and circulatory failure and even it may result into death. But the extract of this herb is beneficial.

2. Extract of pine bark and grape seeds are very good to reduce the affect of varicose veins. It contains antioxidants which strengthen the connective tissue of blood vessels. It also reduces the inflammation. Main side effects are nausea and the upset of the stomach.

3. Butcher's broom is also very effective for the treatment of varicose veins. It strengthens collagen in blood vessels which improves circulation and thus reduces the problem of varicose veins.

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Natural Cures for Gum Disease, Causes and Symptoms

Gum disease is a condition in which there is an infection and an inflammation in the gums, tissue which is deeply supported and also the bone surrounding the teeth. We also know the gum disease by the name of periodontal disease. Usually it starts with a formation of plaque on the teeth. Plaque is the coating of the sticky white substance over the teeth. When saliva and residue of the sugar and starchy foods from our diet mixes with bacteria in the mouth then there is a formation of plaque.

It is very necessary to clean the plaque from our teeth by brushing or flossing otherwise it will become harder and change into tartar. It is very difficult to remove the tartar. You have to consult dentist for cleaning the tartar. Over the period this infection will convert into gingivitis. You can suffer from bleeding from your gum while brushing or flossing. For this problem you must consult to professional for cleaning your teeth. If someone suffers from bleeding as well as pain then there is a possibility of spreading infection and inflammation in the deeper tissue and bone which is also called periodontitis.

Some of the major symptoms of gum disease are that a person suffers from red, swollen gums. Teeth become loose and the space between the teeth also widens. A person suffers from a chronic bad breath, receding gums and bleeding while brushing or flossing.

Some of the natural remedies for gum disease are given below -

1. Vitamin C - Deficiency of vitamin C is directly related with the gum disease. Higher rates of periodontal disease are found among the peoples with low intake of vitamin C. Vitamin C helps in repairing the connective tissue and the bone generation is also accelerated as it is an oxidant. Increase the intake of fruits and foods which are rich in vitamin C like oranges, grapefruit, strawberry, mango, papaya, Brussels sprouts, broccoli etc.

2. Vitamin D - It reduces the susceptibility to have gum disease as it has anti-inflammatory effects. The most exposure of vitamin D is the sun exposure. The person with higher levels of vitamin D and suffering from gingivitis experiences less bleeding from the gums.

3. If anyone suffers from stress then there is an accumulation of plaque. Stress is also directly related to plaque and the gum bleeding.

4. Cranberry - It prevents the bacteria from sticking the teeth. It is available in any of the food store in the form of juice. Go for juice with no added sugar.

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Natural Cures for Anxiety, Causes, Symptoms and Home Remedies

It is quite normal to feel anxious from time to time. But if you remain anxious without reason and for prolong period, it will affect your day to day life then it may be generalized as anxiety disorder. People suffering from anxiety disorder tend to always unwanted happening and can’t stop worrying about money, healthy, family work school etc. Life of the people suffering from anxiety disorder becomes a constant state of fear, worry and dread.

Symptoms of Anxiety

A person suffering from anxiety undergoes a lot of symptoms such as - Irritability, Muscle tension, Headaches, Sweating, Difficulty concentrating; Excessive, ongoing worry and tension, Restlessness, Trembling, Tiredness, Nausea, Trouble falling or staying asleep.

Causes of Anxiety

1. Level of neurotransmitters: Certain abnormal level of neurotransmitters in the brain is also responsible for anxiety disorder. Neurotransmitters help in moving information from nerve cell to nerve cell. If it becomes weak, message cannot be transmitted through the brain properly and it leads to anxiety.

2. Hereditary: Family history plays an important role in increasing the likelihood as well as development of anxiety disorder. It means family is also responsible for the tendency as well as development of anxiety disorder.

3. Surrounding Factors: Some stressful events like divorce, abuse, changing jobs or school, death of a loved one etc. may lead to anxiety disorder.

Some natural remedies are being explored for anxiety.

1. Passion Flower: It is an herb and it is very popular. Usually people suffering from insomnia and anxiety use as a folk remedy. It should not be taken with sedative unless under medical supervision. It acts as a medication for sleep or seizure disorders. There are some side effects with passion flower such as vomiting, drowsiness, rapid heartbeat and nausea.

2. Bodywork: To relieve stress, improve sleep and diminish muscle tension bodywork are widely used such as massage therapy.

3. Mind or Body Techniques: Physical exercise, yoga, breathing exercise, tai chi, self-hypnosis, meditation and biofeedback are few stresses reducing technique which are used for anxiety.

4. Aromatherapy: For anxiety and nervous tension some essential oils are used. They are cypress, geranium, jasmine, lavender, Melissa, neroli, rose, sandal wood etc. The most common form and the base of many relaxing blends is lavender.

5. Valerian: This herb is also best known herbal remedy for insomnia, anxiety etc. For mild anxiety it is very useful. But according to the research use of this herb for anxiety is limited.

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